One of the best monitoring spy software for both IOS and Android devices is FoneMonitor. It is merely an efficient application to spy phone. It tracks smartphones in the most efficient ways, be it an IOS or an Android device. It is equally compatible with both the platforms and can track text messages on iPhone and Android. It monitors the phone, SMS, location, calls logs, browser history along with a dozen social media bugs such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Keylogger and many others.


Hence, it serves as a useful application to monitor phone and proves to be a protector by protecting kids and young adolescents from the borders of pornography, addiction of games, cyber bully, unnecessary temptations and distractions to name a few. FoneMonitor app can be used in the workplace setup too, helping the employer and employees to control their activities on time.

FoneMonitor is the most reliable and preferred Android and IOS phone monitoring system that is the best, most accurate and safest. As parents, you can track the phone of your child to ensure his or her safety as well as get to know their location. The application was created with an aim to let users experience secure digital life with the useful assistance of FoneMonitor.


FoneMonitor Reviews: All You Need to Know About

Here is a brief description of the features and functions of the FoneMonitor application. You can also check out the live demo of the application for a better understanding of the application on:

  • Monitor Text Message:

Monitor Text Message

With FoneMonitor, the user can easily Track Text Messages on iPhone, iPad as well as the Android. This includes the name, contact number, content and the time. It also allows the user to play and download media files sent and received from/in the target phone. With the recent update on the application, the user is allowed to view even the deleted messages in detail.

  • Track GPS Location:

Track GPS Location

Parents often tend to get worried regarding the safety of their children. As a result, the user, be it a parent or a responsible guardian can track the exact location of the IOS and Android device. You can easily follow the route history of the phone. Whenever you are in need to be aware of the target’s location, simply do FoneMonitor Login and check the GPS location on the Go.

  • Monitor Call Logs & Check Contacts:

Monitor Call Logs & Check Contacts

FoneMonitor spies the phone calls, incoming as well as outgoing on and from the target phone showing you the details of the call duration, number and call type. Analyse the target’s call logs and know for yourself who is the most contacted person by the target. With the recent update, the application has a new feature that instantly allows the user to check deleted contacts and calls on the Android phone (currently, the update is available for Android devices).

On top of this, the user gets to hack phone contacts of the target device and download it in your device simultaneously.

  • Track Internet History:

Access the browser history of your child and make sure that he or she is safe from dangerous websites and cyber violence. FoneMonitor also clearly displays the time the target spent on the website. Track internet history on both iPhone as well as Android devices.

  • Monitor App Activities:

Monitor App Activities

From now, monitor the activities undertaken by the target on applications. FoneMonitor gives access to the names and the total amount of apps installed on the device by the target. Also, the photos on the target device can be viewed and downloaded. The application also successfully hacks documents including Word, Excel, PPT, and PDF from the target phone.

  • Monitor WhatsApp, Snap chat, Facebook & other Social Media Apps’ Messages, Photos, Videos:

Monitor WhatsApp, Snap chat, Facebook & other Social Media Apps' Messages, Photos, Videos

FoneMonitor within seconds shows the user WhatsApp chat history of the target device. Not only Whatsapp, even Facebook, Snap chat, Twitter and other social media apps are monitored. The media files sent in and received from can also be previewed and downloaded.

  • Keylogger:

FoneMonitor does the function of keylogging, i.e., monitors and controls the entire activities performed on the target device. It can monitor online chats, conversation details, incoming and outgoing emails, websites that are visited and other activities. The user doesn’t have to download a separate software or application for keylogging. The user can do FoneMonitor sign in and start.

  • No ROOT & No Jailbreak necessary:

FoneMonitor is the most reliable monitoring tool. The user does not have to jailbreak or install any software on his device, but can still easily manipulate the device. The application is a powerful tool with strong spy features, allowing the user to track all the activities on iPhone, iPad or other IOS devices, without jailbreaking.

  • Read Memos & Reminders:

The notes and reminders set by the target on his or her device can be seen by the user, which includes date, content, title, date and more. The application also tracks voice memos and allows it to be downloaded.

  • Schedule Restriction:

The phone can be a distraction for children. Hence, parents can use FoneMonitor to set restrictions on phone usage. The users can schedule time constraints according to the convenience of the user. Thus, parents can limit the time of online activity.

  • Block Inappropriate Applications:

Block Inappropriate Applications

The user gets to monitor the various apps used by the target. Parents can thus, block inappropriate, harmful apps and put restrictions. Hence, parents can keep their children away from distracting websites and pages on the darknet and stay safe.

  • Monitor Geofences:

With FoneMonitor, the user can predefined virtual boundaries and selectively track the location of the target phone. Currently, the feature is available only for Android devices. The application gives alerts in real-time. The user receives notification emails whenever the target enters the geofence destination.


FoneMonitor is used by over users of 234 and more countries namely, Mexico, United States, India, France, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Italy and many others. The application has gained many trusted customers from all around the world due to its incredible service. This application is one of its kinds, which means the user will have to download many unnecessary applications to undergo many tasks. Whereas, FoneMonitor single-handed does multiple amounts of tasks. No wonder why the application has received thumbs up from many users.

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